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Business writing should be easy and profitable. Let this book be your pen.

Business letters that demand attention

A compelling business case to impress your boss

How to research and target customers

A business plan that gets you investor money

Know if a business concept will succeed or not

Business concepts taught in renowned business schools

...and other business tools!

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Writing is essential in the business world—it's the fuel that makes the car go. There is that business letter you need to send to a potential client or that long-delayed market research study your boss has been pestering you to submit. The business plan that investors look for before they lend you money for your start-up. Without a written business plan, your destiny as a future tycoon will grind to a halt when you can't get strategic partners and some much-needed funds. If you're an investor and someone offers you a business opportunity, you'll want to do a feasibility study first to test the waters—and make sure there aren't any sharks in it. With so many formal documents requested by people with money and influence, business writing has become a necessary skill in the workplace.

But the critical factor to consider here is not how well you write, but knowing what to write. This is what this e-book offers. It will reveal to you several essential types of business documents and how to develop these papers. This book will also explain the relevant information you need to write the more complex types of business documents. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, business students, corporate managers, and those involved in the business profession. As you turn through its pages, this e-book will introduce you to some business and research frameworks commonly taught in renowned business schools. Business writing is a lucrative profession, so much so that scores of companies and freelance writers put food on the table—and then some—through business writing projects.

Why pay others when you can learn to write it yourself?

Business writing is a skill that leads to career success. Let this book be your pen.

"Papers to Success" is THE book you need to read if you need help with your business. Straightforward, detailed and very informative yet easily understandable, Mike Lopez has managed to finally create a much-needed book of reference for start-ups, existing businesses & entrepreneurs that is relevant to current times. Make sure to get your copy, it will be a valuable tool.

Jay AdevosoCo-Founder and Managing Director, Sulit.Ph

If you're a corporate professional who has faced a dead-end wall because of a writing assignment, then you know that once is too many. Lopez's book breaks that wall down and helps the burdened business writer overcome the difficulties of getting those precious words down from brain to page. Practical, crisp, and intelligently written, "Papers to Success" discloses to the reader writing formulae and tactics that the world's clearest and quickest writers have long practiced. The pages of the book show Lopez to really know what he has written about—surely a master of his own craft. It's also a delightful read, thanks to its easy and conversational style. Clearly, it is a work that intends to teach.

Dennis TemporalManagement Consultant and Professor

Ateneo Graduate School of Business

The book made me explore new insights about the business world. The book was clear and well organized which made it easy to understand the different aspects.

Cobe Thomas Dy PeñaBusiness Student

University of Asia and the Pacific

Papers to Success, by Michael Benedict A. Lopez, offers a powerful set of tools for entrepreneurs like me. I can easily adopt the various writing tools in my own business and see the benefits immediately because I believe that it was written with people like us in mind. Thank you very much.

Marc Ablaza


The Contemporary Hotel, Quezon City

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